HAPS of California is a group committed to promoting
educational, cultural, social, and community ties among
Hellenic (Greek)-American professionals in Northern California.

Calendar of Upcoming Events:

HAPS Announcements:

  • Sunday, February 12, 2017: 40th Annual Greek Letters Day
    Celebration at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San
    Francisco.      Beginning at 10:30 a.m. with Divine Liturgy and
    Artoclasia Honoring Scholars.      The Greek Letters Day
    Luncheon will follow at 1:00 p.m.  Ticket price to be announced.   
    The 2017 AXION Award may be presented.  College scholarships
    ($1,000 each) may be presented.  To attend the luncheon, please
    remit your check payable to the "Hellenic American Professional
    Society" to Jason Bezis, 3661-B Mosswood Drive, Lafayette, CA
    94549-3509.       Reservations also may be made by phone or e-
    mail, with payment presented at the event.  Call: (925) 962-9643.
    E-mail: haps1821@gmail.com.
  • The 2016-17 HAPS $1,000 Scholarship application period is
    now closed.  Applications for the 2017-18 scholarship will be
    accepted in fall of 2017.  For more information, see the
    "Scholarships" tab.  Questions about the HAPS scholarship may
    be directed to Ms. Pat Lagiss at (650) 851-0270 or to
  • Our most recent newsletters can be viewed here (June 2016)
    and here (October 2016).
  • View photos from our General Assembly meeting on facebook
  • View photos from our Wine Tasting on facebook
  • We are seeking a webmaster for the HAPS Website. Click here
    for a full description of the requirements in pdf format.

HAPS is dedicated to:
  • Organize, promote, and sponsor cultural, artistic, intellectual, and
    educational activities
  • Cultivate a spirit of professional, community, and social
    cooperation among professional people of Hellenic (Greek)
  • Promote education among Hellenic-Americans
  • Provide speakers, visual aids, and literature regarding Hellenic
    culture and language
  • Assist newly arrived Hellenic professionals

HAPS mailings:
June 2016 newsletter

The 2016 HAPS Executive Board:
Nicholas Stamatakis, President
Chris Manitsas, Vice President
Jim Vorrises, Treasurer
Mary Bazigos, Recording Secretary
Jason Bezis, Corresponding Secretary

Loula Anaston, Director
Helen Ernst, Director
Dena Karbo-Mourgos, Director
Jason Kumpf, Director
Pat Lagiss, Director
Virginia Lagiss, Director
Chris Manitsas, Director
George Mattis, Director
George Mourgos, Director

Questions about HAPS or the website? E-mail Corresponding
Secretary Jason Bezis at haps1821@gmail.com.
Linking with our Hellenic Heritage.
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