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The Axion Award is the highest award offered by HAPS.  It is an honor
bestowed upon outstanding persons of Hellenic ancestry who have
demonstrated leadership and have made a significant contribution to
his/her field and to their community.  Recipients must:

  1. Be of Hellenic ancestry
  2. Resident of the Greater Bay Area, including Monterey to the
    border of Sacramento
  3. Reached high goals in his/her field of endeavor
  4. Made a significant achievement in a professional, academic, or
    scientific field or in the humanities
  5. Made a contribution to the Hellenic community or to society in

2017 Application: Nominations for the 2017 AXION award
closed on September 30, 2016.  (Examples of an
application for a previous year are available in
word and
format.) The recipient(s) will be announced before
our 40th Annual Greek Letters Day luncheon on
February 12, 2017.

Past Axion Award Recipients

1978    Dr. Diogenes Angelakos*
Dr. Pan Yotopoulos
1979     Professor Ann Arpajolu*
Professor Alex Scordelis
Frank Agnost
1980     Hon. George Christopher*
Hon. Nicholas Petris
1981     Professor Thanasis Maskaleris
1982     Dr. James Counelis
1983     The Very Reverend Dr. Leonidas Contos*
Dr. Homer Balabanis*
1984     Dr. Nicholas Petrakis
1985     Virginia Lagiss
Fanis Economidis
1986     Board honored Hellenic Students.
1987     Dr. E. Panagopoulos*
Hon. George Agnost*
1988     Roxanni Gillespie
Dr. James Liontas
1989     Nicholas Rozakos*
Dr. A.K. Simonidis
Dr. Tikey Zes
1990     Anastasia Condas*
1991     George Maneatis
            George Marcus
1992     Dr. Beata Panagopoulos
             Dr. Theodore Bogdanos
1993     Hon. Theodore Laliotis
            Anna Counelis
1994     Dr. Peter Haikalis
1996     Dr. George Daskarolis*
1997     Dr. George A. Condas
1998     Dr. John B. Cladis
Dr. George Costouros
Irene Papan*
1999     Hon. Peter Tamaras
            Anna Efstathiou*
2000     Paul Manolis
2002     His Eminence, Metropolitan Anthony*
           Anna Mountanos Konstantopoulos*
2003     Honored Dennis Chaconas
2004     Rev. Thomas J. Paris
            Dr. Kenneth Frangadakis
             George H. Konstantopoulos
2005      Peter A. Bagatelos, Esq.
              Patricia Kay Lagiss
2006      Steven G. Cardiasmenos
2007      Loula C. Anaston
             Dr. Leonidas Petrakis
2008      George Mattis
2010      Helen Ernst
             Aristides Gousios, M.D.*
             Honorable Nicolaos Theophanous
2011      Professor Maria Mavroudi
             Marina V. Moustakas
2012     Andrew Banis
            Nick Tarlson
2013 & 2014 No award presented
2015     Dr. Paul Alivisatos
             Leo Malliarys
2016     Ambassador Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis

Axion Award